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General Considerations

When a woman wishing to enhance the appearance of her breasts seeks implant-based breast augmentation, the operation can successfully accomplish these goals in most cases. In some cases, a mastopexy, or a breast lift combined with an augmentation, may be necessary. Depending on the amount of excess or loose skin and the degree of descent of the nipple below the level of its normal anatomic location, implants by themselves may not be enough to recreate a youthful-appearing breast. During your consultation with Tacoma area board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Cohen, he will perform a physical exam with careful measurements in order to determine exactly which procedure is right for you.

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Silicone vs Saline

There are two broad categories available on the market: silicone and saline implants. It is important to note that these terms refer to the material that fills the inside of the device, because the outer shells of both types of implants are universally made of silicone. Thus, a silicone device has a silicone outer shell and is filled with silicone gel; while a saline implant has a silicone outer shell and is filled with saline, which is a sterile solution of salt in water. Silicone is a highly inert material that is used for making many different implantable medical devices, including insulin pumps and prosthetic joints, because of its safety and its relative lack of reactivity with the body’s immune system. Within each category, there are two sub-categories based on the outer surface of the shell: textured-surface and smooth-surface. When an implant is made in a teardrop shape in order to resemble the natural shapes of a breast, it is not allowed to rotate inside the body, since a rotated teardrop implant will distort the shape. In order to prevent such rotation, these are made with a textured surface so that they will “velcro” themselves to the tissue from the inside. By contrast, a round (i.e. spherical) device does not require a textured surface, since if a spherical implant rotates inside the body, it will not distort the shape. For this reason, most round medical devices have a smooth surface, although round implants with textured surfaces do exist as well, because at one time textured surfaces were believed to decrease the long-term risk of capsular contracture, a finding that has not stood the test of time. Due to mounting evidence pointing at decreased safety of textured implants, Dr. Cohen currently recommends using smooth-surface implants over textured to all his patients. It is important to know that, while the first “gummy” or cohesvive gel introduced in the United States were all textured, this is no longer the case, and “gummy” implants now come with smooth surfaces as well. If a woman insists on having textured teardrop-shape, Dr. Cohen can still accommodate her desires after counseling her on all the current data available regarding their safety. For more information about this, please refer to the link for the FDA website:

Saline and Silicone Devices – Safe

Concerns regarding safety of silicone and saline have been a recurring issue over the years, with new concerns emerging all the time. Some of these concerns have been legitimate, while others have not. The discussion on the history of the implant and their safety can occupy hundreds of pages and therefore cannot be fully addressed on this website. It is important to distinguish between concerns that are based on rigorous scientific data (such as ones listed on FDA website), as opposed to concerns that are driven by anecdotal evidence, media hype, and litigation. Not everything that is being said about implants on the internet, television, and social media, is based on good scientific studies, and it is important to know the source of the information when evaluating various statements about implant safety. It is perhaps most important to bring these concerns to a board-certified plastic surgeon and to ultimately ask the question, “would you place this implant in your family member?”

What Size is Best

Most Tacoma doctors will acknowledge that the two most important considerations in looking for the right size of the implant are the woman’s desires (“how big do you want to go?”) and her anatomy. The implant diameter needs to fit within the patient’s chest diameter, because women universally dislike having implants that are too wide for their body. The projection (sometimes referred to as “profile”) needs to fit within the skin in a way that is safe, proportionate, and congruent with the patient’s desires for her ultimate size. Implant projection ranges from implants that are nearly flat to almost round. Candidates for surgery ruring your consultation with Dr. Cohen, you will have an opportunity to “try on” multiple sizes of implants that would fit your desires and your anatomy in order to help you determine what size you would like to have. No two women have identical breasts, and therefore the size of the implant that worked well for one woman will not necessarily be ideal for another one.

Enhancement / Enlargement – Incision Location

Traditionally there have been four possible incisions used to place these medical devices: under the chest, around the areola, in the armpit, and around the belly button. The belly button approach became very popular during the time period when only saline devices were available. It has mostly fallen out of vogue with the return of silicone implants. The armpit approach, while appealing in terms of keeping the scar off the breast, has a higher potential for bacterial contamination which can lead to a higher incidence of certain complications. Different surgeons prefer different incisions, and there is no absolute right or wrong choice when it comes to incision choice. A vast majority of plastic surgeons today use either the inframammary crease incision (under the chest) or the periareolar incision (around the nipple). Dr. Cohen’s preference is to use the incision in the crease under the breast, unless the patient requires a mastopexy in addition to the enlargement, in which case the periareolar incision used for the lift is also used for placement.

What Are Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear breast implants are one of the solutions – procedures available. The term “gummy bear” refers to the teardrop-shaped, gel-based device. They’re known for retaining their shape better than saline and silicone-based implants. They feel like a gummy bear.

Can this be covered by Medicare

Cosmetic surgery is typically not covered by Medicare, and it is also not covered by private health insurance. Discuss any charges with your treating doctor and, if necessary, your private health insurance provider before considering cosmetic surgery.

How Long do Saline / Silicone Devices Last

How long do they last? Today’s medical devices are designed to endure more than a decade on average, with the risk of rupture increasing by 1% per year. As a result, the older your implants are, the more likely they are to rupture or cause other issues. They can last up to 20 years in most situations.

Are Round or TearDrop Better

Is it better to have round or teardrop? Most patients will benefit more from a round implant, especially if their primary goal is to increase the size and lift of their chest. Teardrop devices are riskier, more expensive, and may require maintenance in the future.

Can you still breastfeed

Breastfeeding is possible for the majority of women who have implants. Discuss your concerns with your doctor or a lactation specialist. Remember that any amount of milk you can produce will help your baby, and supplementing with formula is an option if necessary.

How Much Does the surgery Cost? – Price

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2020 figures, the average cost of enhancement surgery is around $6,516. This is somewhat misleading as it does not include anesthesia or operating room expenses and is only a portion of the entire cost; it excludes anesthesia, operating room facilities, and other related costs. To establish your final charge, please contact the office of your plastic surgeon. The cost of enhancement surgery is determined by the surgeon’s experience, the treatment performed, and the location of the clinic. Ask your Tacoma plastic surgeon about patient financing options for enhancement. The following items may be included in the cost of enlargement: Fees for anesthesia, Costs of a hospital or surgical institution, Medical examinations, Garments to wear after surgery, Medication prescriptions, and Fee for a surgeon for enlargement.

For questions about recovery, results, reduction, removal, shapes, tissue, pain, candidate, chest size, recovery, fullness, scarring, weight loss, swelling, sutures, position and others contact Dr Michael Cohen today.

If you are considering saline or silicone, there are a few important questions you should ask before making a decision.

What are the different types of devices?

There are two main types of implants: saline and silicone. Saline devices are filled with sterile salt water and are typically less expensive than silicone implants. Silicone devices are filled with a silicone gel and are considered to be more natural-looking.

What is the recovery time for enhancement surgery?

Recovery time for varies depending on the individual, but most women can expect to return to work and normal activities within one to two weeks. However, full recovery can take up to six weeks or more.

Are there any risks associated with surgical procedure?

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with enhancement. These include infection, bleeding, and complications. Additionally, these do not last forever, and may need to be replaced or removed at some point.

Can enlargement surgery be done in combination with other procedures

Yes, the surgery can be done in combination with other procedures, such as a liposuction or tummy tuck.

How much does the surgery cost

The cost of enhancement surgery in Tacoma can vary depending on factors such as the type of implant used, the surgeon’s experience and reputation, and the location of the surgery. On average, the cost of is around $9,000 to $15,000.

What is the best way to choose a surgeon

When choosing a surgeon, it is important to consider factors such as their qualifications, experience, and reputation. The plastic surgeon should be board-certified and have experience specifically in enhancement surgery. You can also ask for before and after pictures of their previous work, and talk to their patients for the reference.

Can surgery change my breast cancer risk

There is no evidence to suggest that implants increases or decreases the risk of cancer. However, it is important to note that these medical devices can make it more difficult to detect breast cancer during mammograms, so it is important to inform your doctor if you have implants before getting a mammogram.

In conclusion, this enhancement procedure is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that can help women achieve their desired size and shape. Before deciding to undergo the procedure, it is important to consider the different types of medical devices available, the recovery time, and the potential risks. Additionally, it is crucial to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon, and keep in mind that enlargement surgery does not affect cancer risk. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to discuss them with your surgeon.

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