Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The most common reason for someone seeking a tummy tuck is the desire to restore an attractive abdominal wall contour. A woman who is finished having children will often want to restore the appearance of her body to the way it looked prior to having kids, in order to match her appearance to the way she feels. Additionally, a person who has lost a lot of weight may be unable to get rid of the loose lower abdominal skin through diet and exercise. The separation of the abdominal muscles (“abs”) that often results from pregnancy is also impossible to reverse with exercise alone. It is primarily those two anatomic issues that a tummy tuck aims to correct. This is accomplished by removing the loose skin, restoring the abdominal contour through muscle repair, and creating a new belly button through a new skin opening in the new abdomen. The final result is restoration of a more normal appearing lower abdomen and anterior abdominal profile. Dr. Cohen will perform a thorough evaluation of your medical and surgical history as well as your goals and desires, and will assess your anatomy in order to determine the combination of procedures best suited for you.

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