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It takes more than just the surgeon to perform an operation smoothly, safely, and seamlessly. Any surgery is a team effort, and it requires a team that works well together. Dr. Cohen has spent the past five years operating at a small local hospital that has exactly this type of team, consisting of excellent anesthesiologists, AORN-accredited nurses, and outstanding surgical technologists who are well versed in the types of surgeries Dr. Cohen performs. St. Clare Hospital is one of the best operating rooms where Dr. Cohen has ever had the pleasure of working. Counting from the year 1999 when he first set foot in an operating room as a medical student, Dr. Cohen has worked in a total 31 operating rooms (23 hospital OR’s and 8 surgery center OR’s), in 10 different states across various regions of the U.S. Based on this large number and variety, Dr. Cohen regards St. Clare OR as one of the top 2 in his career. He highly regards this OR for its team-oriented philosophy, its phenomenal workplace culture, and its outstanding management, — all of which make his surgeries go smoothly and safely. Additionally, operating at a facility accredited by the Joint Commission (JCAHO) provides an extra layer of patient safety often not seen in office-based surgery settings and in certain ambulatory surgery centers. For those who prefer to have their surgery done at a surgery center, Dr. Cohen offers these services at the Franciscan day surgery center on Kimball Drive in Gig Harbor, also a JCAHO accredited facility. Dr. Cohen is always happy to discuss his facility choices further with his patients in consultation.

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