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Pierce County and Tacoma Power Utility collaborated to create this 6.2-mile regional trail. The trail is paved and varies in width from 12 to 16 feet. Borgen Boulevard, Hollycroft Street, and Grandview Street are all trailheads within the city limits. PenMet Parks has extended the trail south of the city limits to 14th Avenue Northwest, where there is a trailhead with parking.

The City of Gig Harbor recently funded and installed Emergency Locator Signage along the entire length of the Cushman Trail in collaboration with local emergency responders, PenMet Parks, and Tacoma Public Utilities.

The new markers, which are spaced every half mile, correspond to GPS coordinates, allowing first responders to locate users on the trail more quickly and efficiently. If you encounter an emergency on the trail, notify emergency personnel of your nearest locator position.

The Cushman Trail is a 6.2-mile-long non-motorized public trail with a 16-foot-wide paved asphalt surface for walkers, rollerbladers, and bicyclists. The first 1.6 miles of the trail, from 14th Avenue to Olympic Drive, are currently maintained by PenMet Parks. The trail from Olympic Dr. to Borgen Blvd. is maintained by the City of Gig Harbor.

The Cushman Trail runs beneath the Cushman power transmission lines from 14th Ave near the Tacoma Narrows to the north end of Gig Harbor, and possibly further. The electrical transmission system was designed to carry power from the Skokomish River’s Cushman Dam and power plant to Tacoma. In 1930, the dam and power plant were completed.

The Cushman Trail is managed by the City of Gig Harbor and Tacoma Public Utilities. It is a paved, non-motorized path for pedestrians and cyclists. The trail runs alongside the Tacoma Power transmission lines for much of its length.

Users will pass through scenic beauty as they travel through several large hills. In the south, the trail runs parallel to State Route 16, about a mile west of Puget Sound, before switching to sidewalks to circumvent Olympic Village. The trail connects with Pierce Transit’s Park and Ride lot on Kimball Drive near the midpoint, and then transitions to sidewalks to cross Pioneer Way.


10 min (5.2 miles)
via WA-16 W
Fastest route, the usual traffic

13 min (4.6 miles)
via Burnham Dr

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