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An abdominoplasty, commonly known as “tummy tuck,” improves the contour and appearance of the abdomen, which is done by removing the loose skin and tightening the abdominal muscles. The mons pubis is typically lifted as well, if necessary. Women frequently seek abdomen surgery after they are finished having children, although some women who have never had children, as well as some men, are also good candidates.

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This procedure is an outpatient surgery that lasts between 1.5 and 3 hours, depending on the size of the patient. Even when liposuction of the flanks (“love handles”) is done at the same time, the aim of both procedures is not weight loss but skin removal and abdominal contouring in an individual who is already at his or her optimal weight.

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Incision Size and Location

The most common incision goes from hip to hip, placed as low as possible in order to hide the scar within the bikini line. The central portion of the scar is directly above the pubic bone. In certain patients in whom an extended abdomen surgery is indicated, the incision may be longer, while in patients who have very little excess skin in their lower abdomen, a mini-abdominoplasty scar may end up just slightly longer than a typical C-section scar. In patients with a very large amount of loose skin extending onto the upper abdomen, a vertical midline scar may also be necessary, making the overall scar the shape of an inverted T. The latter procedure is referred to as a “fleur-de-lis” abdominoplasty because the incision shape loosely resembles the upper half of a Fleur-de-lis.

Abdominoplasty Recovery

Recovery from surgery depends on the patient’s overall size and degree of skin excess. The smaller the amount of excess skin, the smaller the operation, and the quicker and easier the recovery. Patients are instructed to take at least two weeks off work, to ensure adequate help at home, and to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity for six weeks after the surgery. This is an outpatient procedure; vast majority of patients are able to go home on oral pain medications on the day of surgery. Either one or two drain tubes are typically required, depending on the patient’s size and extent of the operation. In select patients, it is possible to perform surgery that does not require drains, although the decision whether to place drains is ultimately made during the operation.

Postoperative Activity

There are no stiches to remove after this surgery, because all the sutures used are dissolvable and are buried under the skin. At the end of the operation, skin glue and surgical paper tapes are placed over the incisions to serve as dressings. Therefore, no dressing changes by the patient or the caregiver are necessary. The surgical tapes are removed at the office 10 to 14 days after the surgery. The patient wakes up in recovery room in a compressive abdominal binder provided by the surgery center. This binder can be removed prior to the first shower (2-4 days after the surgery depending on patient’s comfort level). After the shower, the binder can be exchanged for a more comfortable compression garment, which should be worn for at least a month after the surgery. Some patients find compression garments to be comforting even as late as 3-4 months after their tummy tucks.

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